Garden bird bronzes available for sale
Nuthatch on Bark

(Limited Edition of 12) 3/12

“Birdwatching one morning I watched a Nuthatch descend a Scots Pine. The unusual angle, typical of a Nuthatch, against the rough textured trunk and using a patina to accentuate the colours of this ingrained and weathered bark have made a beautiful statement bronze”.
Wren on Pumpkin

(Limited Edition of 12) 4/12

“Once again this idea came from a painting. Having watched a Wren in an old barn where pumpkins and gourds were being stored, I combined the two for a painting and subsequent bronze”.

(Limited Edition of 12) 6/12

“Being a trout fisherman I often see a Kingfisher on the river and love watching them. It was a challenge to produce a bronze, but with the verdigris patina on the Kingfisher I think it complements the piece beautifully and evokes that flash of turquoise which is often all you see”.
Swallows on Stable Door

(Limited Edition of 12) 7/12

“The inspiration for this bronze came from one of my larger paintings. Having watched immature Swallows landing on wires in a friend’s paddock and resting on the stable door it became a wonderful subject to paint and then to convert from paint to bronze and indeed I have done both for customers to display together”.
Swallow on Flowerpot

(Limited Edition of 20) 5/20

“A resting Swallow on an old small terra cotta flowerpot. Figment of my imagination and giving a feeling of summer and a garden”.
Wren on a Pine Cone

(Second Edition of 20)

“I am a great observer of Wrens and this idea came from watching a Wren searching for insects beneath a Monterey Pine in my garden. The fallen cones made a perfect perch and an ideal subject for a bronze”